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Private and commercial vehicle underseal application

Guaranteed Chassis Protection

Undersealing protects against metal corrosion of the chassis and surrounding areas. It’s a cost-effective conservation process and should be considered an essential part of any routine maintenance programme. Rust and corrosion can affect the structural integrity of the chassis which could mean very costly repairs or in some cases might even require that the vehicle be taken off the road altogether. It can be used on all vehicle types from cars and vans through to trucks, coaches and buses.

How it works

The vehicle is hoisted on column lifts and the underside pressure washed and inspected. If necessary, repairs are carried out to any corroded/damaged areas. A liquid primer is then sprayed onto areas requiring the treatment. The primer forms a chemical bond with the metal which prevents rust and corrosion from starting or halts the spread of any already present. Once the primer has cured, a further layer of protection is applied in the form of a watertight wax coating. This coating effectively seals the treated areas from the elements, guaranteeing trouble free motoring for years to come.

Many PSV operators have already recognised the value of this treatment with some incorporating it into their continuous improvement plans. Prices may vary depending on vehicle type and severity of corrosion. Please call us for a provisional quotation prior to full assessment.

Powder coating and Blasting